Monday, March 20, 2017

Driveway Paving in NJ

Your driveway is an important aspect of your house. It helps to give your home a good welcome. However, for many, paving the driveway can be a very expensive and time consuming endeavor. You must have been worrying how to go about driveway paving in NJ; worry no longer, you have come to the right place. Paving the driveway does not have to be an expensive or time consuming project when you hire us at McFarlane Paving.

Driveway Paving in NJ 
Here, all of your driveway needs are met. Whether is it a desire to change your existing driveway or repair it, we have got you covered.

We are a company that specializes in driveway paving. We use strong, durable materials that will serve you for a long time. So, if you are looking for a company that will resurface your driveway, giving it a great look and at the same time delivering a service that will stand the test of time, you have come to the right place.

We are dedicated to excellent delivery and utmost customer satisfaction. We put you first in everything we do.

Our driveway paving solutions are packaged to give you a great value for your money. Our products are slip-resistant, durable and affordable. We have completed several driveway pavements and are experts at what we do.

Our major services include the following:

·       We offer driveway paving at very affordable prices
·       We can resurface over any existing surface including asphalt, concrete, pavers, and tiles.
·   We offer beautiful driveway paving that will truly enhance the look and value of your home. Imagine coming home with your friends and they feel the quality of your driveway. You can always be rest assured that the driveway will serve you for a long time unlike others that will be needing constant repairs and maintenance.

Our previous clients have nothing but utmost satisfaction in our job and we want you too to have that experience.

Your home should not lack a quality driveway, if you’re interested in in having a new driveway paved for your home, you can call us at McFarlane Paving at 201-664-2696. One of our paving experts will be happy to speak to you about driveway paving in NJ.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Asphalt Driveway Paving NJ

No matter what you are looking out to embark on when it comes to buildings; be it a new home or you are looking to update an older building, it is a great idea to consider the investment of driveway paving. Your driveway or any other walkway on your lot is important not just as a practical path of entry and exit, but also as a design feature that affects the aesthetics and value of your home. Having your driveway paved offers your house a number of advantages. Not only does it look better but it is also easier to maintain. A paved driveway reduces the risk that your car might be scratched by a stone. There are several common options for pavement, including slab concrete or interlocking pavers, but one of the most popular, affordable, and versatile methods widely available is asphalt paving. Of course, Asphalt is the generally recommended material for driveways because they are usually even, durable and safe. Asphalt when used for your driveway paving can deal with any load, from sedans to even trucks. When you want your driveway paved, asphalt pavement can be custom-made to reduce noise, to minimize splash and spray during the wet seasons, and even to help treat rain water. It can also stand up to freezing and thawing. And in winter, you don't have to worry about salting your driveway because asphalt is unaffected by salt.

Asphalt Driveway Paving NJ 
It is advantageous to know that asphalt pavings when done by certified professionals improves the outside appearance of a home but if you choose a bad building company or attempt a DIY method with little or no experience in driveway pavings, then it could go horribly wrong and you could end up ruining the overall look of your home. When you hire the services of professionally experienced paving specialists like us at McFarlane Paving, your asphalt driveways can last many years after their initial installation. As professionals with adequate general liability and worker's compensation insurance known for quality work, we will make a grand driveway. A professional in the field of asphalt driveway paving in NJ knows how important it is to get a utility locate even before any grading or paving takes place as this will insure no utility lines are interrupted as well as insure overall safety at the work site.

A good asphalt driveway paving job is vital for several reasons. Not only does it make the investment worthwhile, it safeguards drivers and pedestrians that enter your premises be it residential or commercial because potholes and other road hazards are not present. Putting in an asphalt driveway can create a stable driving surface with a no-nonsense appearance; one reason why it is not a task you would want to handle on your own considering the various steps necessary for a stable, long-lasting drive. An excellent asphalt driveway paving is important so that a house can look welcoming and commercial business looks professional and prioritized. You can only be guaranteed of an outstanding asphalt driveway paving if you get the right hands on deck. Since proper workmanship makes for a proper job, it is of course highly advisable to hire experienced, licensed, bonded, and insured pavement company like us for proper construction practices and ethical workmanship.

To learn more about us at McFarlane Paving or for more information about our asphalt driveway paving NJ, please call us today at 201-664-2696. One of our paving experts will be happy to speak with you.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Parking Lot Paving in Bergen County, NJ

If you are considering parking lot paving, you must be debating the question of whether to use concrete or asphalt. These two materials differ in costs, durability, and maintenance. As experts in parking lot paving, many customers have come to us with this dilemma. Today we at McFarlane Paving want you to consider the pros and cons of each material before making a choice when it comes to parking lot paving in Bergen county NJ.
Parking Lot Paving in Bergen County, NJ
Concrete pros
•    Wider variety in design: Concrete paving comes in different colors and texture. It is also possible to do decorative patterns on concrete.
•    Durability: Concrete is able to withstand high weight loads. It can be used in curbing, dumpster pads, entrances, and exits. Concrete is also able to withstand high temperatures like those common in the Southwestern US. Concrete has a lifespan of 30-40 years and can go for 25 years before the first repair.

Concrete cons
•    High laying costs: It has been estimated that laying concrete costs three times more than the cost of laying asphalt.
•    Cold weather: A concrete is likely to be subject to frost heaves which require repair. The freeze/thaw cycle is also likely to make concrete crack.  The spread of salt for de-icing causes damage to concrete.  This makes concrete unsuitable for harsh weather areas.

Asphalt pros
•    Quick installation: The typical commercial sized parking lot will take less than 3 days to cover with asphalt. We have seen that installing asphalt typically takes half the time that is used to lay concrete. It is less disruptive to commercial activities.
•    Lower maintenance: Maintenance of asphalt involves doing overlays which is replacing the top layer. This is less costly than replacing concrete which involves replacing the entire damaged surface from the base.
•    Good for the environment: It is possible to recycle asphalt by grinding it again. This is lighter on the earth’s resources as less energy will be used with this recycled concrete. It is also less disruptive to the ground as less stone will be needed. Porous and permeable asphalt is better on the soil as it allows water to get through.

Asphalt cons
•    Hot weather: Asphalt withstands high temperature poorly. In areas like Southwestern US where temperatures routinely climb past 100 degrees, asphalt becomes oily and sticky.
•    Tracking: Asphalt is prone to tracking under heavy loads.
•    Lack of design variety: Asphalt typically comes in black.

Using both asphalt and concrete
It is possible to take advantage of the pros of both materials. The more rigid and high load bearing concrete can be used for the access drives, sidewalks, loading areas, curbs, and drainages. The asphalt can be used on the rest of the service as it is easily striped for visibility and is easy to install on a large parking lot.

For more information about parking lot paving in Bergen county NJ, or to learn more about us at McFarlane Paving, please call us today at 201-664-2696. One of our paving experts will be happy to speak with you. 

Monday, January 30, 2017

Driveway Company in NJ

It is said that first impressions last forever. One of the first points of impression in every house is where visitors park their vehicles: the driveway, which leads to the main building. Today we at McFarlane Paving would like to introduce you to the basics of driveways and how they can be made.

How is a driveway defined?
Driveway Company in NJ
A driveway is a short, private road giving access from a public road or a street which leads to a house or a building such as a bank. Usually, cars are parked on a driveway. Driveways are owned by private individuals and so are outside the control of the government. The owner of a driveway may choose to decorate it the way he desires. In fact, most driveways are designed to conform with the architecture of the connected houses; thereby, giving an overall aesthetic view of the edifice. Driveways can be used for recreational purposes like picnics, strolling and relaxing after a stressful day; for washing cars, and a place for children to play on.

How are driveways made?
Some of the materials that can be used to make a driveway include concrete, decorative brick, cobblestone, gravel, pebble, asphalt, granite, grass etc. Making a basic driveway is easy and can be done by an owner by himself by using concrete. However, to give a driveway a scenic view and make it last for as long as ten years, a professional driveway company must be contracted.

What are some items to consider when choosing a driveway style?
  •  First of all, what is your preference? The two common driveway types are Natural stone sets and Concrete block paving. Natural stone sets give the more natural look and the stones come in different colors plus they are likely to last longer. Concrete block paving on the other hand are handmade and much more aesthetic, coming in a wider range of colors. The decision now comes to personal choice and budget.
  • Water resistance: Sound driveway experts should be able to advise and recommend water resistant types based on the peculiarities such as ground type, the topography of the land, the size of the driveway and the budget of the owner.
  • Stain resistance: Driveway types which will repel stains will most certainly be preferred over those that attract stains. Of course, that would mean less cleaning, less maintenance and less spending in the long run.
  •  Permanent color and texture: Driveway types that will retain colors permanently or at least for a considerably long time. Here, the flashy colors may not be the best option but what matters is the color of the house; there should be a matching color. The texture of the driveway should be long-lasting too; a shabby looking driveway would definitely not be pleasing to the eye.
  • Driveway types that will not dislodge or sink especially since cars will often be parked on them.
Overall, a professional driveway company of sound experts should be able to provide advice or make suggestions for a style that will work with your home and surrounding area. At McFarlane Paving we will be more than happy to assist you with picking out a style and paving your driveway.

If you have any questions regarding our driveway company or the types of driveways we can pave, please call us today at 201-664-2696.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Driveway Paving Contractors

Driveways take a lot physical tolls throughout their years: cars weighing a few thousand pounds park on them, ice can cause it to crack and so on. To transform your driveway into to a smooth plane of asphalt that’s aesthetically pleasing and that will enhance the look of your home. But how to choose a company for driveway paving contractors? We at McFarlane Paving want to offer some tips on how to choose a reputable company.

Do your research
Driveway Paving Contractors
Research well so you don’t get trapped in scams. Browse the web; all reputed paving companies have a verified website. You will find almost everything you want to know before hiring a driveway paving contractor right on their website. Read as much as you can about the company. Look for reviews; if there are more positive reviews, you are good to go. All companies will have mixed reviews. A few negative reviews are normal; it is sometimes a part of the rival’s strategy. We have many great reviews for you to read on our website.

Don’t hesitate in asking questions
You are paying the company fair and square and you have all the right to clear your queries. Ask the company if they are insured for your own good. We encourage you to ask us as many questions as you want till you are satisfied with the response. You can even ask us to explain the entire asphalt paving process and we shall be more than happy to do so.

You should know about the company’s insurance and crew
It is necessary for a good paving company to be insured. Be alarmed if you hear extremely low prices, it is possible that the company does not carry insurance. The biggest con of not having insurance is that you will have to pay in case the contractor is hurt or meets with an accident while working on your driveway. When a business like ours has been around since the late 1950’s, we’ve had to have followed all the rules and regulations to stay in business. So we have all of our certifications, licenses, and we are fully insured.

Don’t be afraid to explore all your options even after you’ve picked a company.
The asphalt used in driveway paving is of different types and quality. Feel free to ask what kind of material the company is using and you have time, go check it out yourself. You can always request for a higher quality of asphalt that has less recycled material. If you’re curious about work we have done in the past, we have a lovely gallery of our work on our website. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our materials and our process.

Don’t let the prices fool you
As mentioned above low prices often correspond to unsuccessful companies who don’t have insurance. Also, beware of scams. A contractor might show up at your door offering you a surprisingly low price for the driveway paving if you pay in cash. They might say things like we are offering you a huge discount because we have a lot of material left from another paving job. Do not fall for it. All reputed companies like us are very transparent with their prices because they use good quality material and so do we. Make the right choice once; you do not get your driveway paved every day. We offer great services at fair prices, and our results last a very long time.

To learn more about our driveway paving contractors that we have at McFarlane Paving, call us today at 201-664-2696.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Driveway Paving in NJ

Paving overall enhances the appearance of your home’s exterior, a smooth driveway is pleasing to the eye and easiest to park on. McFarlane Paving has been involved in the art of paving for almost fifty years. Our craftsmen have been paving for generations and can pave your driveway to be more than just a section of asphalt, it can be something you truly love having as part of your home. As an additional bonus, a well paved driveway will increase the value of your home.
Driveway Paving in NJ

When it comes to durability and longevity, it really doesn’t get better than asphalt. Though if you happen to live in a temperate area and need driveway paving in NJ, asphalt still prone to damage from salt and ice—which will require regular maintenance. But many, many investments require maintenance anyway, and we can show you that it’s worth every penny.

What are some benefits to driveway paving?
Driveway Paving in NJ 
If you plan on selling your home, a great feature to attract potential buyers is to have your driveway paved. Not only does this attract buyers who are looking for a house that needs minimal renovation, but it also increases the market value.

Bottom line is, people prefer to buy and live in beautiful homes. If two similar houses in the same suburb are considered in the mind of a buyer, the one with a better driveway is likely to be picked over the other because it wouldn’t require immediate repair and just looks better.

At McFarlane Paving, we believe that paving must be done with great care for fantastic results. We truly love what we do and will do it with extensive care and reliability. Whether it’s a simple driveway, or whether you want a custom paving arrangement for your driveway, we can help you with that.

To learn more about our driveway paving in NJ please call us today at (201) 664-2696, we will be happy to speak to you.  

Friday, December 23, 2016

New Jersey Paving Company

Tips For Choosing a Paving Company

New Jersey Paving Company
If you are thinking to hire a paving company to have your driveway paved or repaired, first check a company that is dependable, reliable and has experienced contractors. To get the value for your money, you have to source for high-quality contractors that will ensure a longer lifetime for your driveway. When it comes to Asphalt paving, although it seem like an easy DIY but it's best to leave it for the professionals. So, if you are thinking on having a driveway paved, should consider your preferences which McFarlane Paving has the knowledge and capacity to deliver.

Usual Process

It starts out with checking out contractors in the area. McFarlane happens to be a New Jersey paving company. With a little research you'll find that they provide free estimates. Of course some people would rather go for companies whose quotes are the least expensive. The truth is that, if they do not hire the right company for the job, they might get a lower quality end of a rushed, cheaper service as a consequence. Those who source for high-quality services do not try to cut corners with a lower price for labor and materials.

If the paving company is within your locality, ask some neighbor who has hired the company services or who knows about the company you chose to hire. They are likely to have their personal assessment, and this could work to your advantage. McFarlane has many reviews on their website from customers new and returning who are more than satisfied. It's always a good idea to hire an insured and licensed contracting company, and since McFarlane has been in business since 1959 they have been insured, licensed and trusted by hundreds ever since.

New Jersey Paving Company
You can also take time to associate and communicate with the company expert who is in-charge of the paving job to get first-hand information about the company you are looking forward to hire.

Ensure continual use of the best materials because this will without a doubt give you an incredible result. You can simply tell the hired professional what you need and anticipate. You ought to be sure that the hired professionals utilize brilliant materials as a part of the black-top clearing of your driveway and with McFarlane Paving, you can.

You ought to never underestimate paved clearing. Your driveway is one section in your home that can give style and esteem to your property. A well-paved driveway will give your home a finished and polished outdoor look. Noting these essential tips for picking a great business clearing organization, you can be sure of accepting the most ideal service and getting the best value for your cash.

For more information about McFarlane Paving, a New Jersey paving company, please cal1 (201)664-2696.