Friday, January 22, 2016


Any job of home maintenance and installation must be handled by a team who understands that a difference in workmanship also relates to how long the material will last. Getting a qualified paving company to repave your driveway, roadway, or lot is a critical decision. You need somebody who’s seen all the tricks asphalt has in its arsenal and is prepared to bring each of them to your job. McFarlane Paving has been providing homes and commercial properties with premium asphalt paving services for over 50 years. Our team of expert pavers work with you to accomplish paving projects that add value to your property. When you are looking for asphalt paving, trust a company with the years of experience necessary to perform precise and efficient paving on your property. Paving is more than lying down fresh asphalt. It’s about ensuring your pavement will stand the test of time.

This is the promise we bring to you on every paving job. We know how delicate a paving job is. This is the difference between asphalt that shines and holds up well versus cracks and splits in the surface. And even when those imperfections exist, we are at your service with a repaving job sure to make you smile. In short, good work is permanent. And bad work can be repaired in no time at all.

Asphalt makes a wonderful addition to your parking lot, driveway, road, and more. The surface is super durable for a low price. Because asphalt is an affordable material, there are many contractors out there who do it for pennies on the dollar. In short, they are imitators. Their business will crumble as people recognize that quality work is not learned over night. We’ve dedicated our lives to gaining the skills and experience needed for trusted paving work. No matter where you need asphalt, we’ll get it done quickly and with an unparalleled attention to detail.

Contact us today to find out more information on how we can serve your commercial or residential property with asphalt paving. Whether you want a new installation or repairs done to an existing surface, our expert team will handle the job with care and precision.

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Tuesday, January 19, 2016


A driveway is an important part of your home. It’s more than an area where you park your car or the kids play basketball. A modern driveway personifies the lifestyle of those living inside. Because of industry innovations, driveways can be custom designed to complement your home's design. And as such, you can play with the design of your driveway in an effort of mastering your home’s curb appeal. Yes, designing a driveway requires a bit of ingenuity. That is why we’re at your service. McFarlane Paving has paved superior quality driveways for over 50 years, committed to bringing you expert driveway paving methods performed by experienced professionals. We take careful consideration before installing your driveway, achieving beautiful driveways that elevate your home's appeal and value. Whether you have a master lane in mind or you want our qualified consultation, your home is ready for a driveway upgrade.

Driveways are typically made from asphalt. This is a tried and true surface that is durable and versatile. Even though the surface holds up even under extreme weather and usage conditions, it can also corrode or wear over time. At this stage, you need an expert driveway specialist to restore its glow, remove its wear, and rejuvenate your home. You can repave the driveway as it was before or create a new, unique design. The driveways specialists at McFarlane Paving are more than happy to assist you in the design aspect of your driveway renovation project.

Asphalt is not the only surface you’ll find on driveways. Bricks are commonplace, as is concrete and other cement composites. Even natural stone or marble driveways are frequent these days. In order to get the most out of all the possibilities, you need to speak to our professionals. Not only choosing the best surface, but one that will complement your home’s color, construction, and layout while offering protective and preventative measures against precipitation and wear.

Every driveway has the chance for improvement. Whether this means repaving the present material or crafting something new. Contact the paving specialists today who have the next idea to help your home shine a new shade.

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Thursday, January 14, 2016


Asphalt remains the most common material chosen for driveways, roadways, and more. This is because the surface has enormous benefits, no matter where you choose to install it. Parking lots also make a good area for asphalt paving. Concrete has its drawbacks, as the surface is not very durable under weather conditions and as time wears on. Asphalt, on the other hand, will do you well in every season. At McFarlane Paving, we know asphalt. In business for over 50 years, we've paved countless residential and commercial properties. Each project we've completed is done with precise and efficient methods. Our professional asphalt pavers are fully trained and experienced in working with your property to achieve attractive results that add value to your property. Below are some of the reasons you should consider asphalt for your driveway, parking lot, road, or other flat surface.

First of all, asphalt is an affordable material. It’s usually much cheaper than concrete, and much easier to repair as well. Which means less money spent in the initial purchase, and less money spent down the road. A true advantage is that this highly durable surface comes at such low prices. Which leads us to the next reason.

Asphalt is durable. Under the care of our expert installers, the surface laid down on your driveway, lot, or road will handle extreme weather conditions. And time after time, cities choose asphalt for their construction because they know that once installed, it’s there basically forever. In New Jersey, we experience seasonal weather patterns that jump from one extreme to another. Asphalt keeps up with the change, and will maintain its integrity in extreme cold and extreme heat. Even under the most high traffic locations, asphalt roadways stand the test of time.

Aside from its cost and durability, asphalt is extremely easy to maintain as well. Treating cracks, sealing the surface, and repaving are all easy, fast, and equally cost effective. By contrast, when concrete cracks, the surface will always remain fractured. The asphalt surface you choose to install will look great after routine maintenance.

There are many different options for your asphalt installation. You can choose porous or permeable. Depending on the job, you have different solutions to fit the need. Contact us today to schedule an estimate or ask questions specific to your job requirements.

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