Friday, February 17, 2017

Parking Lot Paving in Bergen County, NJ

If you are considering parking lot paving, you must be debating the question of whether to use concrete or asphalt. These two materials differ in costs, durability, and maintenance. As experts in parking lot paving, many customers have come to us with this dilemma. Today we at McFarlane Paving want you to consider the pros and cons of each material before making a choice when it comes to parking lot paving in Bergen county NJ.
Parking Lot Paving in Bergen County, NJ
Concrete pros
•    Wider variety in design: Concrete paving comes in different colors and texture. It is also possible to do decorative patterns on concrete.
•    Durability: Concrete is able to withstand high weight loads. It can be used in curbing, dumpster pads, entrances, and exits. Concrete is also able to withstand high temperatures like those common in the Southwestern US. Concrete has a lifespan of 30-40 years and can go for 25 years before the first repair.

Concrete cons
•    High laying costs: It has been estimated that laying concrete costs three times more than the cost of laying asphalt.
•    Cold weather: A concrete is likely to be subject to frost heaves which require repair. The freeze/thaw cycle is also likely to make concrete crack.  The spread of salt for de-icing causes damage to concrete.  This makes concrete unsuitable for harsh weather areas.

Asphalt pros
•    Quick installation: The typical commercial sized parking lot will take less than 3 days to cover with asphalt. We have seen that installing asphalt typically takes half the time that is used to lay concrete. It is less disruptive to commercial activities.
•    Lower maintenance: Maintenance of asphalt involves doing overlays which is replacing the top layer. This is less costly than replacing concrete which involves replacing the entire damaged surface from the base.
•    Good for the environment: It is possible to recycle asphalt by grinding it again. This is lighter on the earth’s resources as less energy will be used with this recycled concrete. It is also less disruptive to the ground as less stone will be needed. Porous and permeable asphalt is better on the soil as it allows water to get through.

Asphalt cons
•    Hot weather: Asphalt withstands high temperature poorly. In areas like Southwestern US where temperatures routinely climb past 100 degrees, asphalt becomes oily and sticky.
•    Tracking: Asphalt is prone to tracking under heavy loads.
•    Lack of design variety: Asphalt typically comes in black.

Using both asphalt and concrete
It is possible to take advantage of the pros of both materials. The more rigid and high load bearing concrete can be used for the access drives, sidewalks, loading areas, curbs, and drainages. The asphalt can be used on the rest of the service as it is easily striped for visibility and is easy to install on a large parking lot.

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