Monday, July 2, 2012

Prepare Your Driveway for the Fourth of July!

As the Fourth of July nears, people are preparing for barbeques and other festivities by spending money. Food shopping, red, white and blue summer outfits and American flag decor are amongst the most popular on people’s checklists. Have you ever thought of adding a new driveway to that list?

A driveway and walkway are two of the first things that guests will notice when they arrive at your home. Save yourself the embarrassment of an unkempt driveway or walkway and call a paving company in Ramsey, NJ. Whether you get a whole new driveway installation or just some repair and maintenance work, it will make a huge impact and lasting impression on your July Fourth guests.

Who wants to leave embarrassing cracks and uneven driveway material out for guests to see? You have the choice to fix these problems before your guests arrive to judge the poor maintenance of your driveway. McFarlane Paving can provide you with the solution.

If you are looking for a paving company in Ramsey, NJ, trust McFarlane Paving to get the job done right. With more than 50 years of experience, our paving experts have provided excellent craftsmanship and work for Bergen County residents and businesses. We specialize in driveway repair and restoration, driveway maintenance, driveway installation and driveway paving.

McFarlane Paving offers custom driveway designs and can even complete a driveway that you have designed yourself. Call McFarlane Paving today for a free estimate at 201-327-1591. Make sure you have a driveway to boast about this Fourth of July!

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