Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Belgian Blocks in NJ

Belgian blocks in NJ are the best option when choosing an alternative to curbing or paving. Belgian blocks are not only easier to install but are also sturdier. These blocks also known as sett or cobble stones are so strong that they will last for decades to come. Another great thing about Belgian blocks is that they are unique and give your home a great look. It will drastically improve the appearance of your home, and are also low maintenance. Belgian blocks in NJ are definitely worth the investment. 

Mcfarlane Paving has been servicing Northern, NJ for over 50 years and is proud to provide quality work and exceptional service. We focus on efficiency when creating your driveway, parking area, home front or any are in your home. Working to produce quality work that is also affordable. Our skilled teams have great craftsmanship, knowledge and experience to create customized design specific to your needs.

Call us today for Belgian blocks in NJ at 201-327-159. 

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