Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Paving NJ

After the cold weather takes its toll on the asphalt, it may be time to get your driveway repaved. McFarlane Paving has been paving in NJ for nearly half a century now. We can expand or resurface an existing driveway or pave a brand new one altogether.

We are a family owned and operated business that only employs technicians that have much paving experience. Our newest team member has been with us for 16 years. Along with driveways, we pave all types of asphalt, including parking lots, sidewalks, patios, curbs and retaining walls.

Here are some facts about asphalt:

  • Asphalt paving dates back to 625 BC when Babylonians used a mixture of sand, stone, and natural tar to build with.
  • Natural asphalt is organic material that is made similar to crude oil. However most asphalt used to pave roads today is mixed in factories and consists of liquid asphalt and rock.
  • There 4000 asphalt plants and over two million miles of asphalt paved roads in America alone.
  • Asphalt is both water resistant and flexible.

Along with our paving services, we also provide asphalt maintenance services. If you would like more information on NJ paving, contact McFarlane Paving.

McFarlane Paving 
68 Alcott Rd
Mahwah, NJ 07430

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