Friday, January 20, 2017

Driveway Paving Contractors

Driveways take a lot physical tolls throughout their years: cars weighing a few thousand pounds park on them, ice can cause it to crack and so on. To transform your driveway into to a smooth plane of asphalt that’s aesthetically pleasing and that will enhance the look of your home. But how to choose a company for driveway paving contractors? We at McFarlane Paving want to offer some tips on how to choose a reputable company.

Do your research
Driveway Paving Contractors
Research well so you don’t get trapped in scams. Browse the web; all reputed paving companies have a verified website. You will find almost everything you want to know before hiring a driveway paving contractor right on their website. Read as much as you can about the company. Look for reviews; if there are more positive reviews, you are good to go. All companies will have mixed reviews. A few negative reviews are normal; it is sometimes a part of the rival’s strategy. We have many great reviews for you to read on our website.

Don’t hesitate in asking questions
You are paying the company fair and square and you have all the right to clear your queries. Ask the company if they are insured for your own good. We encourage you to ask us as many questions as you want till you are satisfied with the response. You can even ask us to explain the entire asphalt paving process and we shall be more than happy to do so.

You should know about the company’s insurance and crew
It is necessary for a good paving company to be insured. Be alarmed if you hear extremely low prices, it is possible that the company does not carry insurance. The biggest con of not having insurance is that you will have to pay in case the contractor is hurt or meets with an accident while working on your driveway. When a business like ours has been around since the late 1950’s, we’ve had to have followed all the rules and regulations to stay in business. So we have all of our certifications, licenses, and we are fully insured.

Don’t be afraid to explore all your options even after you’ve picked a company.
The asphalt used in driveway paving is of different types and quality. Feel free to ask what kind of material the company is using and you have time, go check it out yourself. You can always request for a higher quality of asphalt that has less recycled material. If you’re curious about work we have done in the past, we have a lovely gallery of our work on our website. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our materials and our process.

Don’t let the prices fool you
As mentioned above low prices often correspond to unsuccessful companies who don’t have insurance. Also, beware of scams. A contractor might show up at your door offering you a surprisingly low price for the driveway paving if you pay in cash. They might say things like we are offering you a huge discount because we have a lot of material left from another paving job. Do not fall for it. All reputed companies like us are very transparent with their prices because they use good quality material and so do we. Make the right choice once; you do not get your driveway paved every day. We offer great services at fair prices, and our results last a very long time.

To learn more about our driveway paving contractors that we have at McFarlane Paving, call us today at 201-664-2696.

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