Thursday, June 14, 2012

Asphalt Infrared Repair in Bergen County

With asphalt prices rising, a more efficient way of driveway repair in Bergen County combines the ability to restore asphalt to its original condition with environmentally-friendly techniques. At McFarlane Paving, this process is called infrared repair, and it helps to minimize the cost of repairs for your driveway.

Our professional staff owns the highly-specialized equipment that is necessary to complete infrared repair in Bergen County. The process can be repaired 24/7 because we always have hot asphalt prepared.

We start by heating your asphalt driveway surface to a temperature that allows us to make a smooth and level repair. The heaters will raise the temperature enough in the targeted areas that the asphalt will become soft, allowing us to spray a special formula on the area. After it is sprayed, the asphalt is raked, allowing the oils that were originally part of the surface to be replenished with the new asphalt. Brand new asphalt may also be added to even out the surface if necessary. At the end of the process, the area is compacted and fused together to create a flawless patch that allows your driveway to look brand new again.

Our infrared repair in Bergen County is environmentally-friendly because it takes the old asphalt and recycles it to create new asphalt. It is a quick and efficient process that only needs 1-2 hours to set before it can be used again. This repair system is safe and reliable. No water will infiltrate your driveway with our repair process.

If you are looking to find out more about infrared repair or our other systems of driveway repair in Bergen County, call us at 201-327-1591 today!

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