Thursday, June 21, 2012

Driveway Paving in Alpine

Alpine is considered the most expensive zip code in Bergen County. In fact, it is considered the richest town in the entire state of New Jersey. We can go even further than that to state that Alpine holds the number one spot in the entire country for the most expensive houses. Yes, that’s right. Alpine has far exceeded the value of homes in Beverly Hills and glamorous neighborhoods in New York City. That being said, the town of Alpine and its residents must live up to their name. 

Let McFarlane Paving provide you with all of your paving needs. We offer driveway paving in Alpine and other parts of Bergen County. With more than fifty years of experience, we can provide you with exceptional services that we can guarantee. Our paving services include driveway installation, repair/restoration, sidewalk paving and asphalt maintenance. 

We give our customers the option to either choose from our custom designs or create their own, making each driveway unique to your style and preference. McFarlane Paving works closely with all of our clients to ensure that we can provide you with your dream driveway.
The appearance of every home in this golden town should be well maintained. No one wants to be disappointed and drive through the most expensive town in the United States to see cracked driveways and unkempt lawns. If you need driveway paving in Alpine, don’t wait another minute and contact us at 201-327-1591.

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