Friday, October 30, 2015


Interested in driveway history? At McFarlane Paving we’ve been in business for over 50 years, providing driveway paving to residents of Bergen County NJ. We use leading methods, equipment, expertise, and our years of experience to provide our customers with leading driveway service. Customer satisfaction is our main concern, which is why we offer prompt and professional service that aims to have your new driveway completed efficiently. But what is the history of driveways? Unlike paving (see our last blog post), driveway history doesn’t span back thousands of years. After all, the necessity to have a driveway for a wagon or vehicle is a fairly modern privilege.

Before the mid-19th century, most homes needed little more than a dirt path to their door. The word ‘drive’ actually far pre-dates the emergence of automobiles, as there were cattle-drivers, wagon drivers, horse drivers, and others. A particular portion of property devoted to parking a mobile, or driveway, was introduced in the United States around the mid 19th century. In some parts of the country, a driveway was, and still is referred to as a dooryard.

During this period, elaborate driveways began forming in areas of the US. Semi-circular driveways, long driveways, and other innovative driveway designs popped up during this time. Most people used a driveway for now archaic means, including the before mentioned cattle drivers and horse drawn carriages. When the automobile became a blooming industry in the United States, the driveway became a much more common inclusion to properties and homes around the nation.

Today, the driveway is an essential part of any home. With most homeowners owning multiple cars, a driveway to accommodate their specific needs has aided in the creation of different driveway types, including seashell driveways, brick driveways, rubber driveways, asphalt driveways, concrete driveways, and many, many more. Innovation within the driveway industry still sees improvements as time progresses, and McFarlane Paving keeps updating our own standards and methods to perform leading driveway paving in Bergen County NJ.

At McFarlane Paving we are committed to providing our customers with exceptional driveways, dooryards, or however you’d like to refer to them. With over 50 years of dedicated service, we’ve seen many changes with driveway installation ourselves, and we are dedicated to outfitting homes with a driveway to suit their needs for many years to come.

For more information about the driveway, our driveway installation, or our driveway services, call McFarlane Paving today at (201) 664-2696.

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