Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Pavers Installation in Bergen County, NJ

If you’ve ever considered sprucing up the design of your home, then landscape pavers installation in Bergen County NJ might be an item worth looking into. You can install pavers on your driveway, along paths and walkways, or over an entire patio area for a complete package of beauty. There is a great variety in the look and feel of pavers. You can find them in an assortment of colors, shapes, and materials. Since 1959, McFarlane Paving has served Bergen County with exceptional pavers installation. Our professional team is equipped with the knowledge, expertise, and experience to enhance the look of your home for personal or resale value. Our high quality methods ensure prompt pavers installation in Bergen County NJ, while our professionalism and dedication to your satisfaction make us a leading pavers installer in NJ. Continue reading for a complete overview.

The most common pavers are made from concrete. That is because the surface is more durable than traditional asphalt. It is also cheaper than stone and more diverse in the color schemes and pattern configurations than brick. Concrete pavers are also quite easy to install and require very little maintenance. In all, the surface is a wonderful addition to any home.

When discussing concrete pavers, it is best to look at the different types available. The two distinctions of concrete pavers are interlocking and architectural slab.

Interlocking pavers came into fashion in Europe during World War 2. Before the war, most road surfaces were made from brick. However, brick was in short supply so builders began using blocks of concrete along the roads. This material proved highly durable, as some of the original installations are still in place today. Pavers available for the home come with a lifetime warranty. The surface should last you well beyond the years you’ll live in the home.

The architectural slab concrete pavers are a more flashy option. Although not as durable as the interlocking pavers mentioned above, the appeal of these slabs is their aesthetics. The surface can be designed to mimic that of nearly all building materials, from natural stone to brick and mortar. And while they look identical to these other materials, architectural slab pavers are much easier on the bank account.

A beautiful way to update your home, modern pavers installation in Bergen County NJ are worth your attention. Concrete is cheap and long-lasting, giving it the perfect combination any homeowner would love to hear.

We are proud of the work we provide to Bergen County residents. Our pavers installation in Bergen County NJ offers exceptional aesthetics to your home at an affordable price. Their durability and ease to replace makes them a worthwhile investment to modernize your home.

For more information about pavers installation in Bergen County NJ, contact the professionals at McFarlane Paving today at (201) 664-2696.

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